Welfare & Safeguarding

Dear Parent/Carer of our Newport Girls Football Player,

We are writing to you in response to recent issues within the news over the past two weeks.

On the 24th November we as a club received an email from Greg Clarke FA Chairman – a very open email that expressed their concern and a promise to ensure that safeguarding is a priority for all football clubs.

Following this Saturday Club Committee meeting we agreed to write a brief letter to all our members to show and reinforce our commitment to the welfare of our young players, young coaches and young referees.We want to ensure you that within our club we firmly believe that all our members should enjoy their football in whatever capacity and to make sure that a safe environment is there for all.

All our volunteers have a DBS (criminal check) through the relevant authorities, we are a  Charter Standard Club which means every year our policies and practices are monitored by the FA.

 We have Welfare/ Safeguarding officers who can be recognised by their coats/Welfare on the back, we register players in and out on training nights, our coaches are recognised by their coats and our referees have licenced kit.

Perhaps just as importantly we are a club which is full of families and individuals who share the same passion that the game we all love can be played in a safe, fun environment and by working together we can ensure that will happen. You will see our new flags asking for respect, our new boards that ask all to respect the players, the coaches and our referees.

We must be forever vigilant and any concern can be passed on to our Welfare/Safeguarding officers.

We as a club will continue to do the best that we can to make sure your daughter has safe, fun playing time to help her become the best she can be, to grow and support a workforce to help it happen – but safety will always be a priority……
NGFC Commitee