Treasure Hunt

Photo treasure hunt on Saturday 24th September.
As part of our plan to make our club more visible within the community moving towards our 10th Anniversary we are holding a photo hunt on the Newport Food Frenzy day on the 24th September.

The concept is very simple- on that day in 8 varied shops -a photo of our NGFC club will be displayed. Our footballers and their family are asked to visit the shops and peruse and see if they can locate the photo frames. The shops will not tell you if they have one you have to find it and identify the shop on the official form. But please say you play for NGFC or wear our kit and get our name out there…..

On Friday 23rd September at training the official forms will be available for your girls to take and complete hopefully after matches on the Saturday and enjoy Newport Food Frenzy….

The shops will be child friendly and selected very carefully so please do not bother with the betting shops or pubs!

There will be 4 prizes available – the girls will be asked to post their forms with their names at one identified shop before 3pm on the Saturday.

Please support us to make our club more visible.
NGFC Committee.